JetshineUSA has produced unique kits that are perfect for detailing both the interior and exterior of your car, plane, boat, or even your train!

JetshineUSA starts with a product called Permanon.  Which is a nano-technology coating.  All the nano’s fill in the micro-abrasions in the paint providing an amazing sheen, as well as protecting from UV, dust, and debris.


NanoTechnology The branch of technology that deals with dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 nanometers, especially the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules.

JetshineUSA is a wax replacement that protects one of your largest investments from the elements.  As a wax replacement, it is important that you only use the JetshineUSA product on your car, because if you add wax on top of the nano coating you are basically sealing it in, removing the sheen and protection.  One of the benefits for JetshineUSA over wax is the through which temperature they are effective at.  Wax at about 104 degrees will start to break down and will not protect the car.  JetshineUSA is effective till 572 degrees.  Obviously, metal exteriors heat to over 104 degrees frequently, rarely if ever would one exceed 572 degrees!  So JetshineUSA is a longer lasting protection, better value, and simple to apply!

 JetshineUSA is a nano-engineered surface protection concentrate for all hard surfaces.  It protects the finishes on cars, trucks,motorcycles, RV’s, aircraft,heavy equipment, personal watercraft, pools, spas, even household, and maintenance required surfaces in hotels, hospitals, and medical facilities.

Jetshine USA Protects

Jetshine USA Protects all types of surfaces, extending the life and durablity.

JetshineUSA is designed to protect clear coats, gel coats, fiberglass,polyurethane topcoats, stainless steel, chrome, all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics,rubber, FRP, glass, granite,varnish, enamel and solid, surface products. JetshineUSA doesn’t end with the paint.  It will protect and enhance the finish of rubber and plastic moldings, chrome trim, windows, rims, even most appearance products in the engine bay.

A simple spray and wipe application saves time and results in a durable Silicium shell that produces a brilliantly protected shine that is incredibly easy to maintain.

 JetshineUSA is temperature stable up to 572°F (wax gives way at 104°F) which
allows it to be applied to many appearance products in the engine bay and wheels. It also keeps brake dust from burning into and pitting the wheels. Brake dust burns at 518°F, well below the limits of JetshineUSA.

Because JetshineUSA bonds statically on the nano-level, it preserves the original surface material. It is an extremely effective, long lasting water repellent that is resistant to nearly all acids, alkaline solutions, and solvents while offering significant UV (Ultra Violet) protection…the number one cause of dull or faded paint.
JetshineUSA is non-flammable,non-toxic, solvent-free, and bio-degradable.

All JetshineUSA products are sold in concentrate for the best value.  One (1) 50 ml bottle of concentrate will make 1 liter of ready-to-use product at a 5% mix with clean water. We recommend a 10% mix for first time applications, followed by 5% for future maintenance applications. Not sure where to start? Grab one of our Car Kits for all the tools that you need to get started! 

Here is just how easy it is to apply JetshineUSA….