Keeping your car clean and shining is just as important to us as it is to you. While our main goal is to help you keep your car looking great from the outside, we realize that the inside of your vehicle may not always receive the same careful attention. With the summer season in full force, dirt, mud and grass can easily make its way from your feet to your car. As we help you clean and protect your vehicle from the outside, here are some helpful tips on keeping the inside clean as well.


  • Regularly shake out your mats. Not only does dirt stick to the mats of your vehicle, it often collects underneath them. Shaking out your mats on a regular basis prevents the build-up of dirt around and underneath them – and has your car feeling, and looking cleaner!
  • Clean the seats. Dirt, dust and crumbs often like to hide in between the cracks of your seats. Giving each seat a thorough wipe-down can make a HUGE difference in how your car looks and feels. Try to make a habit of wiping down your seats once or twice a week – this is a quick and simple way to prevent dirt and crumbs from collecting in and on your seats.
  • Avoid eating. While we are aware that eating on the road is convenient – it isn’t always necessary. Crumbs and fragments of food can drop on the floor, in between seats, and may even land on your center consol. When possible, try to avoid eating in your vehicle.
  • Vacuum your vehicle. You never know what might be hiding underneath the seats and mats of your car. Taking the time to vacuum your car can make a big difference in its cleanliness and appearance.
  • Don’t forget the cup holders. When cleaning out the inside of your vehicle, it is easy to overlook the cup holders. Particularly in the summer, these tend to collect the sweat of cold drinks, as well as spare change, wrappers and knick-knacks. If you want your car feeling clean and clutter-free, don’t neglect your cup holders!
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