One coat of Permanon and your surface becomes water repellant and UV resistant. Just spray on and wipe dry.


The best choice to protect your car, boat, aircraft or any solid surface.

Clean and Protect

Stop scrubbing and polishing your investment. Apply Permanon to protect the surface.

Permanon is effective and durable

One coat of Permanon and your surface becomes water repellent. Insects, dirt, brake/carbon deposits and other contaminants wash off easily without hard scrubbing. Permanon is also UV resistant, reducing or eliminating paint oxidation. Permanon can last up to a year or more depending on environmental conditions.

Permanon is safe

Environmentally friendly; Non-toxic, non-flammable, and biodegradable.
Safe for exterior/interior, outdoor/indoor applications.
Will not react to any surface. No build ups, no yellowing, excellent on your glass and polished metals.

What is Permanon made of?

Permanon is a leading-edge, high-tech development in surface protection and cleaning based on the pure monomolecular element Silicium (14Si) or Silicon, one of the most common elements in the universe and the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust after oxygen. Silicium is found in sand, glass and even the human body. Silicium is so safe for humans and the environment that it is currently being used in biomedical research and development. Silicium does NOT contain silicone or wax.
Permanon’s advanced nanotechnology allows for rapid application of a transparent, durable, UV resistant coating, safe for all solid indoor and outdoor surfaces. When applied, Permanon forms an electrostatic bond with that surface which will now have a brilliant shine, be extremely water repellent, resist heavy soiling and nearly all acids, alkaline solutions and solvents.
Permanon was designed to protect polyurethane topcoats and other substrates such glass, FRP, stainless steel, chrome, rubber, leather, granite and solid surface products. Contaminants such as dirt, protein stains, mineral deposits, brake dust and exhaust fume stains are much easier to remove using common cleansers.

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