PS Paste


125g PS Paste – Best for Aircraft, Marine and Automotive indoor/outdoor cleaning. The PS Universal cleaning paste is a real power pack for stubborn, crusted contaminations and dried in soiling on sensitive and durable surfaces.

A must have for gentle deep cleansing. The PS Paste easily removes even the most stubborn dirt gently and intensively. Well suited for pre-treatment it is used as a pre-cleaner on surfaces to be protected leaving a pleasant fragrance.

Outstanding cleaning results on:

  1. High Gloss Coatings
  2. Synthetic Leather
  3. Polished Stainless Steel
  4. Plastic and Synthetic Materials of all kinds except polycarbonate

The PS Universal paste is neither abrasive nor harmful to the environment or human health. This universal cleaner optimizes in-depth cleaning in the way that it is biodegradable cleaning thoroughly and effectively.

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