Have a car or motorcycle that you keep in your garage all winter? While you may be protecting your vehicle from the cold, you are not protecting it from the dust that can accumulate on it over the cold months. The dust may not look bad at first, but it can dull the paint finish in the short term, and cause damage to paint if it is not taken care of.

When you see the dust on your car, don’t let children go and write messages or draw pictures with their fingers against the dust. Doing so causes the dust to scrub against the clear lining on your car. To clean off the dust make sure you do not use a rag or old towel because, like drawing with your fingers, the dust can scratch the clear lining. Instead, use microfiber dusters or towels.

To stop the accumulated dust from ruining your paint, apply permanon before it can scratch the paint. Permanon is a nano-technology coating that, applied to your car, protects it from the elements. After applying the permanon layer, your car will shine like new. When the dust collects over the long winter, that dust will be easily removed without causing damage to the paint, once you are ready to bring it out of the garage.

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