With winter quickly approaching for those of us located in the north, the chances of rust occurring on your vehicle are greatly increasing.
483b41174e3d26d4c12262a668b48eeaxThe first step in preventing large rust spots is stopping it before it spreads. This means looking where it mostly commonly starts, such as the wheel wells, bumpers and other areas the are susceptible to abrasion. The areas you are checking may be covered in dirt, mud or other road grime it is important to wash these areas off when checking as the rust may be occurring underneath the built up grime. Another way to keep rust from spreading is to check regularly for spots of rust if caught early rust can be prevented or correct, however, if given many months to spread the damage may be too much to repair with rust arrestor or other home repair agents.

Besides catching rust early you can do the following to ensure your car stays rust few for many years to come:


  1. Wash your car often, washing your car often takes grime (and salt) off of your car which often sparks the start of rust.
  2. Wash the undercarriage of your vehicle, If you live in an are where it snows this is extremely important and most automatic car washes offer undercarriage cleaning for no additional charge.
  3. Use baking soda to neutralize the acidic effect of the salt, did you know that adding as little as a tablespoon of baking soda to soap and water can do this? Read more about this at DMV.org
  4. Use a wax or wax alternative to such as Jetshine USA to prevent salt from penetrating the paint, and allowing it to be easily removed when the vehicle is washed. More about permanon / Jetshine USA can be learned about here.
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