When you hear the name BlackBerry you often think of the corporate cell phone, not a software that could be found in Ford Motor vehicles in the near future.maxresdefault While Ford has become well known for their connectivity with their Microsoft Sync system, it looks as if they are going to continue the lead for technology in American-made motor vehicles.

BlackBerry Senior Vice President states:

Enhanced use of the software will allow Ford to choose from a variety of options to improve its cars. For instance, could further personalize them, allowing drivers to customize what they see in the instrument cluster or how they go about choosing their music.

USA Today also says that the software will help provide more advanced security, at a time when many devices, including in-car communications, are susceptible to hackers.

Ford Motor company is looking ahead to ensure that their vehicles not only lead with user-friendly technology, but with secure connectivity.

Ford Motor has signed a deal to make greater use of software from BlackBerry, previously best known for its smartphones

Source: Ford signs connectivity deal with BlackBerry

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